When we are in Cincinnati we shop at:

1. Trader Joe’s (www.traderjoes.com)

  • This store is excellent for organic produce, specialty items and prepackaged frozen meals
  • We usually by our organic produce at this store
  • The other great thing is that they sell a whole bunch of gluten free and vegan items.  Their website has a list of all the items stocked in the store that are gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian
  • We especially love the baby bok choy, the black beluga lentils, the refried black beans, the hummus, the balsamic vinegar, brown rice pasta

2. Whole Foods (www.wholefoodsmarket.com)

  • This store has a great selection of organic produce.  It is much broader than most grocery stores.
  • They also sell some foods in bulk such as grains, granola, and a variety of nuts
  • We especially love the spelt pie shells for quiche, the tempeh as a meat substitute, their snacks (cacao nibs) and many of their 365 organic brand items
  • The website for this store has some great recipes aswell

3. Kroger (www.kroger.com)

  • Kroger has a decent organic produce section with a variety of green leafy vegetables
  • It’s a great place to shop when you are crunched for time since they are so readily available
  • They have a great natural food section
  • We especially love the gluten free pizza crust that’s available in the frozen section,  we love that they sell frozen organic strawberries, some locations have a great olive and anitpasto bar, and we purchase our apple cider vinegar from here

4. Jungle Jim’s (www.junglejims.com)

  • This a specialty store unique to cincinnati
  • It basically has EVERYTHING!!! It has foods imported from all over the world, such as Europe, India, China, Mexico, etc…
  • It seems like every fruit and vegetable available on the planet can be purchased here
  • We shop here when we are looking for any items which may not be available at the above stores
  • We especially love the organic miso paste and the endless variety of fruits and vegetables

5. Costco

  • Costco has some great snacks.  We love the cashew clusters.  They also sell organic diced tomatoes and organic tomato paste.  We also buy our jarred sundried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, organic peanut butter, organic free range eggs,  and stir fry blend from here.
  • We don’t really buy to much of our produce from here since the organic section is quite limited

Where we shop when we are in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area:

1. Loblaws (www.loblaws.ca)

  • Most loblaws stores have a natural foods section and an organic produce section
  • Their specific organic brand is PC Organics
  • We shop here for organic produce, healthy snacks such as trail mix and organic cereals

2. Michael Angelos (http://michaelangelos.ca/)

  • This grocery store has a good organic produce section and also sells some specialty items
  • They have a great olive and antipasto bar

3. Whole Foods in Oakville and Yorkville (www.wholefoodsmarket.com/stores/canada/)

  • Just heard that there is one coming soon to square one, Mississauga!
  • see above

4. Planet Organic Market (Lakeshore, Mississauga) (www.planetorganic.ca)

  • This store is excellent for it’s broad range of organic produce
  • It also has an excellent supplement section and organic cosmetic and beauty product section

5. Bulk Barn (www.bulkbarn.ca)

  • Bulk barn has great pricing and it’s great for the environment since you reduce so much waste on packaging
  • They sell a wide variety of gluten free products, sugar alternatives (stevia), nuts, seeds, grains, rice, dried herbs, dried fruit and so much more!
  • You can also find a lot of the indian spices that we use in our cooking, such as ground tumeric, red chili powder, ground cumin, garam masala
  • Organic options are also available here