Let me start off by saying a few thank yous to a few people in my life.

I would like to thank my beautiful, caring, loving wife Dipa. She has supported me in everything that I have ever done and with that support has inspired me to reach higher and push myself harder.

Thank you to my son Devin for giving my life and purpose new meaning. This little guy is going to change the world. He’s already changed mine.

Thank you to my parents for your constant support and always pushing me to my limits. One day I will make you proud.

Thank you to my brother, Ritesh and sister-in-law Priya.  You have inspired Dipa and I to share this information with others, we thank you for your support.

I would also like to thank my patients. Thank you for always challenging me and teaching me how to be a better physician. This blog is for you!

A final thank you to all my readers please share this with others that you love so that they may make better, healthier choices and live better healthier lives!