Millions of Americans are on antacid medications on a daily basis. Doctors are too quick to prescribe this class of medications without understanding the consequences. More about that in future newsletters, today we talk strategy!

Use these simple, effective and FREE tips to help you understand how your digestive system works and how to use that to your advantage.

*** since Dipa is working on the book, I’m typing this on the iPad so it will be the first tip for now.

1. Chew your food; because your stomach does not have teeth!

Your food should be liquified and pulverized before you swallow. This increases surface area of the food by many thousand fold. This also unlocks all the nutrients that fruits and vegetables house from their tough, indigestible cells.

Most experts (me) suggest chewing your food as much as humanly possible. You cannot over-chew your food!

Chewing your food sets the stage for proper physical and chemical digestion/absorption of food. Since no other part of the digestive tract is redundant (meaning: no back up) chewing your food is extremely important and something you have full conscious control over. Every other step relies on that simple process.