I believe that your mental health and well being are just as important as your physical health.

My wife and I decided to make a gratitude list.  We each got a 3&1/2 by 5 inch cue card and wrote down the top 10 things we are most grateful for.  We taped the cue card to the mirror in our bathroom so when we wake up each morning to brush our teeth it is one of the first things we see and we read it before we go to bed when we brush our teeth at night.  It serves as a daily reminder to us both to be thankful for everything that we have

Making a gratitude list serves as a daily reminder for all the things that you have to be grateful for.  When you are feeling down or need to shift your mental state to a more positive frame of mind, just read your gratitude list.  It helps you to envision your life the way you want it to be and it will always make you feel better!

Some examples of things to be grateful for are:

  1. Your spouse or significant other
  2. Your children
  3. Your parents and siblings
  4. Your home, bed, car, clean water and healthy food
  5. Your health and happiness
  6. Your career/job
  7. Your friends and family