• Have green, yellow or red skin
  • Sweet and refreshing taste
  • Tartness depends on type
  • Red and Golden Delicious are the sweetest
  • Granny Smith (green) most tart – good for cooking
  • Apple season – end of summer to early winter

Health Benefits

  • Help to regulate blood sugar levels
  • High in fat soluble fiber called pectin which helps to lower blood fat levels, therefore has cardiovascular benefits
  • Apples help to manage hunger
  • Helps to balance bacteria in digestive tract
  • Excellent antioxidant benefits
  • Decrease lung cancer risk
  • Benefits people with asthma due to anti-inflammatory effects

How to Select and Store

  • Choose firm and bright colored fruit
  • Can be stored for 3-4 months
  • Cold storage maintains nutrients
  • Do not store spoiled apples with “good” apples
  • Choose organic apples when available since apples are on the list of the dirty dozen (highly sprayed with pesticide)

How to Enjoy

  • Nutrients are best preserved when consumed whole with skin (skin has numerous benefits)
  • Nutrients are lost when prepared as applesauce and even more when prepared as commercial juice
  • Nutrients are lost when made into apple sauce or when consumed as apple juice