Health Benefits

  • Coconut is high in fiber, vitamin and minerals
  • Coconut oil is high in saturated fat which is why it has a “bad rep”, although the saturated fat in coconut oil is different from the “bad” saturated fat that everyone talks about
  • Coconut oil contains medium chain fatty acids (MCFA) whereas bad saturated fats contain long chain fatty acids (LCFA)
  • MCFA’s help to reduce atherosclerosis and heart disease
  • Coconut can help kill viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites
  • There are numerous other benefits to consuming coconuts see for additional information
  • Coconut water helps cleanse the digestive tract, it helps promote weight loss, helps balance body pH, helps control blood sugar, boost metabolism and many other benefits!

How to Select and Store

  • Select coconuts that are heavy and have no cracks
  • When choosing one, shake it near your ear, it should sound full of liquid
  • Unopened coconuts can be stored at room temp for upto 4 months depending on how fresh they were when purchased

Recipes with Coconut

  • We use coconut oil in all our recipes that requiring cooking with oil
  • Pineapple Sorbet